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Our Stay In Poland - Our Stay In Poland



From 10th to 16th 2011, the four schools joined in Poland for the final meeting.



10.04.2011 Sunday

arrival in Będzin

Greek partners-23.30 Katowice airport

French partners-18.00 Katowice airport

Romanian partners-Będzin (coach)

11.04.2011 Monday

9.15-11.45-official welcome at school

project activities (icebreaking exercises, lesson of Polish, quiz about


11.45-leaving school

12.00-official welcome by the local authorities at the Town Hall

13.00 -dinner at the restaurant

14.30-16.30-lesson of history on location-walk around Będzin

12.04.2011 Tuesday


project activities

-English lesson (vocabulary practice: culture, literature, art)

-learning Polish songs

-English language competition


a trip to Auschwitz

13.04.2011 Wednesday


a trip to Cracow

14.04.2011 Thursday


project activities

-preparation for the Festival of Culture (photo display, stage

rehearsals, stalls promoting each country)


evaluation meeting for teachers, students, parents

afternoon-preparing regional dishes with partners at home

15.04.2011 Friday


Festival of Culture

(project summary, stage performances by partner teams, competition:"How

well do you know your partners” countries, presentations of the stay in

Romania, Greece, France,)


16.04.2011 Saturday

departure of Greek partners 6.20 from Będzin (Katowice airport -8.50)

17.04.2011 Sunday

departure of French partners11.30 from Będzin (Katowice airport-14.00)
departure of Romanian partners