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Our Stay In France - Our Stay In France

From 14th to 22nd of October six students from our school with their teachers Ms A. Broda and Ms E. Młynarska-Dąbek had an opportunity to participate in the students exchange of the EU project called “Comenius”.


We, Polish students as well as the students from Romania and Greece were living for one week in the houses of the students from Lycee Francois Truffaut of Challons.

During our stay in France we had many attractions, for example sports activities and trips.


On the first day

after our arrival we were cordially welcomed by the headmaster of the school and the Mayor of the city. We were also given very nice souvenirs. Later we were doing sport and dancing to the Shakira’s song “Waka Waka”- our French friends prepared the dance arrangement for us! We were also running, playing and practicing juggling. In the evening, we had very tasty dinner in the local restaurant.


On Saturday

we were taken to try “tree climbing”. It was a fantastic experience! After climbing for a few hours everybody was very tired but we went for a walk to the coast - to have a look at the ocean. The view of the Atlantic in the afternoon was beautiful!

We spent Sunday

with the families, eating local food and relaxing after very demanding days.

On Monday

we spent the whole day on the beach and we could try ourselves in water sports - sand yachting, sailing and kayaking in the ocean. It was amazing to sail in such a vast area of water! In spite of being exhausted we were dancing the “Waka Waka” during breaks and it gave us so much energy. Unfortunately, on Tuesday we couldn’t see typical French lessons as it was in the schedule because students of the Lycee went on strike. When we arrived at school in the morning the doors were blocked and the students were organizing voting and started to protest against the changes in the pension scheme made by the government. However we went to a very interesting and beautiful city of Nantes, the historical capital of Brittany. And even the demonstrations in the streets didn’t manage to stop us from sightseeing. We saw La Tour LU – a picturesque tower located in the doors of the old famous biscuit factory and the castle of the duke of Brittany, which is now the museum of the region. At the end of the day we were dancing the “Waka Waka” – this time on ice as we were taken to the ice rink.

The last day

was the time to present national and local sports and sadly our friends from Romania had to go home that morning. In the afternoon we had a badminton tournament and were had the last look at Challons. In the evening we had a little show in the Lycee – and of course we were dancing the “Waka Waka”! We were also given T-shirts and hats with the logo of the Francois Trufaut’s school and had a picture all together.

On Thursday

we had to set off very early, at 4 am! We said goodbye to our French and Greek friends and went Paris by coach from where we had a plane to Poland.

We all brought very nice and funny memories and loads of new contacts with people from European Union’s countries. We can’t wait the arrival of our new friends in Poland where the great finish of the Commenius Project will take place!

Sylwia, Basia, Magda, Zuza, Iwona, Kamil